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Unique Ways to Memorialize Your Loved One’s Ashes

Memorializing a loved one is a customary part of the grieving process, but also a deeply personal one. As the popularity of cremation rises and increases further by COVID-19, so has the demand for options around how to memorialize the ashes of someone you love.

Tangible keepsakes create a personalized and comforting memento of the person you have lost in a way that an urn on a shelf does not. It’s a physical link to the memories carried forward and a unique way of honoring the life of someone you have lost, but still carry with you.

Honoring the Unique Life of Someone You Have Lost

In the aftermath of loss, there is often a yearning for ways to retain a sense of connection. While there are many traditional ways of doing so, the modern age has also brought about a search for alternatives that are more personal and do more to commemorate the life and distinctive characteristics of the person who has been lost.

Personalized mementos can provide a lasting source of comfort and connection.

What are Cremation Keepsakes?

A cremation keepsake is an item that contains a small amount of your loved one’s ashes that you can keep close in a number of different ways.

The most common version is cremation jewelry. Uniquely crafted beads or pendants allow you to hold your memories close with a small amount of your loved one’s ashes encapsulated and worn as a piece of jewelry.

These keepsakes can be further personalized with the rendering of a fingerprint, or in the case of a departed pet, a nose or paw print.

At Thumbies, each piece of jewelry is hand-crafted in the United States by skilled artisans combining cutting-edge technology with old-world art to accurately reproduce a loved one’s fingerprint.

As nontraditional ways of mourning gain in popularity, so do your options for keeping your memories close. Every cremation keepsake is personalized, and can be further customized with creative designs and alterations, so they are as unique as the lives and memories they celebrate.

Keep Your Loved One Close with Memorial Jewelry

Grieving is an unavoidable part of human existence, but it is far from a cookie-cutter experience. That’s why we see so many customs and traditions being modified or completely upended in a society grown comfortable with establishing new rituals or personalizing old ones.

From scattering ashes in a special place, to sending them into space, turning them into stones or encapsulating a tiny bit of ashes into a pendant, there are many ways to honor the life of the person you have lost and maintain a sense of connection. The choice is yours and we are honored to be able to provide you with a unique and beautiful collection of options for memorializing someone you love.

To learn more about our collection of memorial keepsakes and jewerly, contact us or visit our online store. Please note that in some states, you will need to make a request for ashes within a limited period of time.

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