About Us

Comforting and Connecting Generations℠

At Thumbies®, we create personalized jewelry keepsakes that create comfort and keep memories alive. Our team of artisans is in Woodstock, IL. The three aspects of our offering we are most proud of are:

  • Our uniquely skilled artisans, plus our proprietary process, enable us to create fully-cast pieces in seven days or less. (We offer alternatives for quicker turnaround.)
  • Because of our unique skills and manufacturing agility, we are the only jewelry keepsake company with the ability to create completely custom pieces.
  • The value we add to our Partners’ businesses is unique in our niche, and robust.

We bring a little joy to people in need of comfort.

Our Passion

When surveyed, the main reason our people work for our company is the team. Each of our employees have a passion for the quality of our product, and for our values. Our team members report that it is meaningful to be putting something out into the world that helps to comfort and connect people to their loved ones.

Our Story

In the mid-1990s, David S. Gordon’s mother gave him two gold charms. She was an artist and had crafted these gifts herself to feature the unique fingerprints of each of her granddaughters, David’s daughters. Soon after, he woke up in the middle of the night clutching these charms, struck with the idea to create similar custom keepsakes—personal jewelry that would mean as much to others as his charms meant to him. Thumbies® were born.

Since 1998, Meadow Hill grew from this middle-of-the-night brainstorm to a nationwide company, and started the niche of fingerprint keepsakes. The power of the human connection, particularly through touch, guides every aspect of the work we create. Each keepsake we cast forges a durable symbol of one specific and unique person—a fingerprint. We believe in creating, celebrating, and capturing memories of people and passions important to them.

The creators of Meadow Hill did the distributing of the keepsakes, but never were jewelry makers. In 2005, Studio 2015 Manufacturing in Woodstock, IL were called on to make Meadow Hill’s Thumbies® and Buddies™ jewelry. Then, in 2015, Studio 2015’s owner Tom Dougherty decided to purchase Meadow Hill Corporation.

In 2018 for the company’s 20-year anniversary, we celebrated by officially changing the company name to align with how we are known in our industry. We are now Thumbies®. Although our company has grown and changed over the years, we continue to work hard for the same reason: to help people celebrate life and the ones they love.