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Six, fully-sculpted, heartwarming characters here to help celebrate the lasting touch of a loved one. Get to know them all!

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Thumbies® - Our Enduring History

In 1998, an idea was born when a man was comforted by his daughters’ fingerprint charms designed by his mother. Struck by how much the personal keepsakes meant to him, he believed others would cherish similar pieces. With a strong commitment to providing jewelry of connection, Meadow Hill Corporation (today named Thumbies®) was founded.

Today the power of the human connection is the driving force behind the Thumbies® and Buddies™ lines. Through our proprietary manufacturing process, our skilled artisans create fully-cast pieces in seven days or less. With our unique skills and manufacturing agility, Thumbies® is proud to be the only jewelry keepsake company able to create custom pieces.

Our team is passionate about and fully committed to creating enduring symbols that provide comfort and connect generations. With each keepsake we cast comes manufacturing excellence and customer service integrity.